3 thoughts on “Why Can’t Men Be More Like Women?

  1. Nature’s original state was feminine? So…all that gorilla chest-thumping has been just a pathetic seeking of attention…and we gave it to them. Then they puffed up, slighted us, and now the cycle comes back round again, completing the circle of life…science has poked a hole in their latex, let all the air out of their pretty colored baloons.
    Can we be equal now?

  2. The fact that you asked the question “Can we be equal now?” tells me that there is some doubt in you that it can happen. Why do you need permission from anyone? Just consider yourself equal.Equality is in your mind,socity may have a set of rules,but if you dont like’em then break’em. I might also add that while society may see women trying to be more”male” as trendy they will always see men trying to be more”female” as some sort of perversion.A woman in a buzz cut will always be more acceptable than a man with fem looking bobbed hair. While some men may want that they will be denied because you see in the end there is no true equality,there is only the rhetoric about it.

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