Paving the Road to Hell.

So much for my intention to read at an Open Mike poetry event tonight. Too much to do to get ready for my grandson

3 thoughts on “Paving the Road to Hell.

  1. And they called her “Swimming With Frogs.”
    It’s summertime. The sun is out, it’s warm, there’s no snow on the ground. If you can’t kick back and be a big fish in a little pond now, you won’t be able to later. Might as well slather on the sun block and enjoy the season, especially seeing as how your mom seems better and you have a chance to escape that reality and create a more charmed existence, with a frog.

  2. I accidentally came across your Blog. Stop George in 2004. Give me a break! He’s the only person protecting this country from you peace loving libs!
    I guess we should talk to the UN before protecting our country.

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