Atlantic Ocean, here I come!

I’ve finally caught up with all of the comments that Klondike Kate left me. I sure hope that Frank Paynter gets around to interviewing her. She’s another gem. One of the older/wiser ones.
My mother is prepared with six days of food and a goodly list of emergency phone numbers.
My car is packed with all the essentials: hair gel; prescription meds; shorts, t-shirts, and jeans; digital camera; Newman

2 thoughts on “Atlantic Ocean, here I come!

  1. YOU are such a BRAT! (grin) You are nudging, harder. I am still recouperating and catching up from my trip, trying to remember how to write, and … the dog ate my homework. (Really, there is tremendous anxiety here. I’m not a physicist, or mathmatician, don’t have any published books, I don’t have anything to crow about! Except for the crows.)
    “The Lovely Bones” sounds like a very good read! (May I quote the Yetti? “*snort* Like you’re going to have time to READ.”)
    I hope you have much fun, making whoopee on the beach, celebrating Solstice in true fashion! You deserve a getaway and some “me” time, to rejuvenate.
    Elaine, Crone of Blogdom! Listen to her match the ocean’s roar!

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