1 thought on “Stuff is Piling Up.

  1. Elaine, this is my first look at Niek Hockx (I just read his entire post) and I must say: although there are bits and pieces I reluctantly agree with, most of what he wrote made my hackles rise–why?–is it possible that this man hasn’t yet run across anything of interest, humor, intelligence or originality that might pique HIS interest?
    I am constantly amazed every single day by new nuggets I mine from the blogisphere. I wish I had 6 more pairs of eyeballs with which to read all the lists I’ve already got going “to do” someday, since I started in blogging in March! There are so many talented writers out there, with varied styles, centers of interest, and wide-ranging voices (perspectives in song,) I can’t imagine anyone being so bored that they lump it all into a giant bouillabaisse called “cyberbabble.”
    Hockx, Dude! Just skip those boring blogs and get onto the fascinating, inspiring, tickling, thought-provoking writers! Stop wasting your time and start challenging yourself so that you too, can drop your jaw onto your desk on a daily basis like the rest of us who feel lucky enough to be here!

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