Our Indebtedness, Thanks to George.

Got this in an email from the Howard Dean listserv that I’m on:
National Debt and Bush: the numbers
National debt when Bush entered office: $5,727,776,738,304.64
National debt as of June 9, 2003: $6,578,826,704,876.87
Total debt added during Bush’s term: $851,049,966,572.23
Number of days Bush has been president: 870
Debt added per day:
$978,218,352.38 (That’s right, nearly $1 BILLION dollars a day in new debt.)
Total debt added if Bush is re-elected:
$2,858,354,025,659.84 (assuming same pace of debt accumulation. That’s nearly 3 trillion.)
Total debt at end of Bush’s 2nd term:
$8,586,130,763,964.48 (assuming same pace of debt accumulation. That’s close to 9 trillion)
Those numbers are only going to get worse. CBO just said the debt for Fiscal Year 2003 is going to be over $400 billion, a record in nominal terms.

What is wrong with my fellow Americans who still think that this guy is doing us any good at all???

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