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All around me, the greats of the blogging world are discoursing about how and why people use their blogs. I know these are the

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  1. I truly hope you are now on your way to vacation! I just now read this and clicked on most of the links, bookmarking some of interest to be purused later (like Rebecca Blood’s speech.) All of this reminds me of an email I sent you, wishing you a wider-based readership.
    I did not know there was so much debate on what is a blog, and how many bins there are for us to be dropped into, by category.
    If this is a true accounting of the evolution of blogs, then where do we, indeed!, those of us who are a bit eccentric in our posts…where do we belong? And how important is this jockeying for position on the rating’s scalers’ sites to our success?
    *raspberry* I can’t get around any of that.
    We, who sing in clarity, from the back row of the chorus, will be heard by those inherently possessing the same aural capacity of dogs’ ears.
    *cueing up “Awoooo! Werewolves of London!”*

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