4 thoughts on “Another myrln Missive.

  1. Elaine!! I am thrilled with the links I garnered here at your place today. I am going to be very busy this week putting “stuff” on both my home- and my blogger site.
    I was going to remain a mild mannered little old lady and not offend any right-wing blogger buddies by ignoring the disasters accumulating in our country today, but the gloves are off. What this crazy nincompoop has done, and is still doing, to our country, is not the time for me to be a wuss. So there!!!

  2. Hey Lorraine. Glad to see that you’re still stopping by. I gave your url to a reporter who was interviewing me about women and blogging. I figure that you’re a great role model, you ol’ tree-hugger, you. Can’t wait to see what you wind up posting!!

  3. I like that part about Democracy being sold “wholesale to special interests and big business,” and kind of frightens me as a concept, the big picture—we have allowed our bi-partisan system to erode down the hillside, haven’t we, taking the cherry tree down with it.

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