3 thoughts on “A look into my eyes.

  1. That’s funny, I liked your left eye much better than the right eye. (Now is that your left, or my left? Haha! Just kidding.)
    The one that is in the shadow shows me wisdom, a sense of humor, fun-ness (is that a word? the ability to have fun?) and somebody I would probably already know, either in this life or next or last, whatever, a cool gal, a cool neighbor or classmate or life friend.
    I hated math but always did well at it. I can absorb a foreign language in a quick couple of months, but still have trouble balancing my checkbook. ARGH! So, curiosity made me read all that stuff in the 70’s too, even attending classes to “integrate” the left & right side, through art, blindfolded, can you imagine? Of course you can, you have the “eyes.”
    Don’t know that it stuck, but I sure did enjoy the pictures of all the eyes. Love eyes. Cool project!

  2. the eyes have it

    would an eyeball fall butter-side down? or will the carousel keep spinning? me, i’m liking the brass rings that you have to toss in the clown mouth, even though the short ones can’t reach. well, i was short once. who was short ever? sad no-brass-rings….

  3. I have a very active Left eye, its interesting, since I’m an artist, right brain. My left eye has all the personality and eyebrow raising when I’m happy. So, your study is right…And I’m not crazy when I see through it seems mostly my left eye when I’m really engaged..cool

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