4 thoughts on “A Visit from the Eostre Skunk

  1. According to Facts on File Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins, “skunk” was called “seganku,” an Algonquin dialect word meaning “he who squirts.” The term was corrupted by settlers who couldn’t manage the Indian pronunciation. Also, the spray is m-butyl mercaptain. The French called the skunk “fant du diable,” i.e. child of the devil. The most common species is “Mephitis,” which is loosely translated as “double stinky.”
    Now we know more than we ever wanted re the skunk.

  2. Double Stinky. I like that! Seganku Squirts. Now, there’s a name for a weblog. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, too much is even worse. Heh.

  3. Double stinky squirt! Cool link, Elaine, I enjoyed it very much. “The skunk hunts at night.” Get out your ballroom slippers…s’time for a dance.

  4. Last night a skunk came up from the water to my left while I sat down like a cat it was on my lap. I take it’s my totem animal? I was a little scared as I wasn’t sure as I pet it, it was very content but I wasn’t sure where it was ok to pet and I remember in the dream being afraid I’d pet it where it didn’t like it. It came to me in the dream. Julie

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