5 thoughts on “Making it work for me.

  1. (Dag, left my email address off, and jes noticed this never posted.)
    That’s interesting, Elaine, and very revealing of You.
    I feel obligated to point out, however, that YOUR OWN MANY BLOGS contradict Your self-perception that “It all just reaffirmed the fact that I have no self-discipline”…:-D (Took some discipline to put in the time to write this, didn’t it?)
    Btw, (and it’s sure possible icbw), but it is not my experience that discipline is centered in the (what “The Great ‘They'” call) “left-brain” and relaxation in the “right-brain”. (I haven’t read ALL Your posts, but) I find Your blog to be VERY “right-brain” (although the words obviously PASS THROUGH the “left-brain” in order to get typed into the computer).
    Thanks fer sharing, (in spite of our political differences, which You are obviously VERY passionate about), Elaine…! Now I hafta go back and recall WHY I asked this question in the first place…;-D

  2. “although the words obviously PASS THROUGH the “left-brain” in order to get typed into the computer”
    Ah well. That was, as we say in this neck-a-thuh-woods, a p*ss-poor analogy. If going to look at something in essence indivisible (yet at times contradictory) such as the mind, then should-a divided the mind into AT LEAST 4.

  3. I linked to the guided imagery page and was pleasantly surprised to discover: this was the technique my drama teacher, Anne Archer (a diff. one) used in the late 60’s to calm the class down and ready them for the lessons or rehearsals. I also used it on my rowdy elementary school-aged students to calm them down before classes, rehearsals and performances. And now I see it on the web! Wonderful.

  4. JT–
    If you google “left-brain right brain” you get a whole lotta links, including this one: http://www.mtsu.edu/~devstud/advisor/hemis.html, which might shed some light on why I wrote what I wrote. And it takes no discipline at all for me to sit down and write. It takes discipline for me to stop writing and do my dishes or vacuum etc. etc. Different strokes; different folks.

  5. Hey Kate —
    I didn’t know that you studied theater! I was a theater minor in college, but, as I’ve indicated, didn’t do much acting. My daughter studied at the Strasberg studio that’s part of NYU. Shirley Knight (yes, that one) was one of her teachers. Yup, relaxation techniques are very useful in all kinds of ways. I like being led into an “inner vision quest” after I’ve relaxed — always get some amazing metaphorical insights into myself that way and always come out of it feeling like I’ve been on a little vacation from my life (which, actually, I have.)

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