Defining Terms

Most of my career as a writer was spent spinning what other people wanted to communicate into more clear and engaging prose. My biggest challenge always was to get those people to define what they really meant by terms that they used that I was expected to incorporate into whatever I spun. Lots of people use the word

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  1. I tried to access that link but received an error message. Will go ’round another way.
    I spent an hour and a half in one class while everyone gave their definitions of “art.” Then the teacher gave hers, which, we were then instructed to write down. “Test on Monday!” Her def. was as nebulous as … some of the rhetoric coming from our bastion of democracy. And as a former writer, I bet this Bush-speak is really pissing you off, to no end.
    OK, now I go to find the def. of a good blog, cuz I don’t have a clue, I just know what I like.

  2. When Truth Conceals

    So many good comments associated with Shadow Talk, in addition to writings in other weblogs such as Jonathon’s, Dorothea’s, Aquarionics, Elaine’s, and Chris’s. I only wish I could do justice to the debates because there’s a rich story unfolding among a…

  3. Wow, what an incredible conversation at Burning Bird’s site. “if you feel like you’ve been punched (kicked?)in the solar plexis, that’s art.” Yeah. Amen. What a great collaboration/discussion of intelligent writers, eh? I see I need to hone my blogging blood-hound skills better.
    On a side note: please see the link to an essay on why women’s blogs are crap. *shudder*
    I did not leave a comment. I was too busy looking up references to waste his time reading anything that I, a mere woman, would have to say on the subject. But I may blog about it later.

  4. Priveyet (Hello)
    Va skolka (How are you)?
    Minyar eemya Alexi (My name is Alexi).
    Spasebo Balshoi (Big thank you).
    S’novom godom (With / Happy New year).
    Paka (In a while / see you soon).

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