Bully! Bully!

No, that’s not an affirmation. That’s an accusation. America is continually proving just what a bully we are.
….. thousands of Iraqis protested that they did not need American help now Saddam Hussein had gone. “No to America, No to Saddam,” chanted Iraqis from the Shia Muslim majority long oppressed by Saddam, who is from the rival Sunni sect. Arabic television networks said up to 20,000 people marched.
At talks that began after a delay, skepticism ran deep among groups united by little more than joy at Saddam’s fall and unease at getting too close to Washington.

But are our leaders listening? Of course not.
Speaking of listening to people that should (or shouldn’t) be listened to, myrln reminds us:
If Paula Zahn is a journalist (a wholly unsubstantiated assumption, I know) rather than an informal Israeli cheerleader, then why doesn’t she insist that an Israeli minister (preferably Sharon himself) be booked on the show to answer the same questions she put to the Syrian minister today? Her bias is always evident, and it diminishes CNN’s already questionable credibility.
Perhaps she could also ask if it’s true Israel is looking for an oil pipeline from Iraq which must route through Syria, and how much that influenced the US invasion of Iraq and the current accusations against Syria. Oh, wait, you can’t do that because the invasion wasn’t about oil. Dubya said so, and you guys believed him.

Oh yes, bully, bully for us:
At least 10 people were shot dead and scores wounded in the northern Iraqi town of Mosul, a hospital doctor said, with witnesses claiming US troops had opened fire on a crowd after it turned against an American-installed local governor.

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  1. I read both those articles and a few more, just to make sure I wasn’t having an LSD flashback from the late 60’s. There is a knee-jerk reaction I am having to reading this stuff: it can’t be true. This must be biased propaganda from our enemies. Please tell me this isn’t reality. I could live with a flashback.

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