McGovern’s Eloquent Anti-Bush Stand

I’m grateful to The Nation, as I was to Harper’s, for giving me opportunities to write about these matters. Major newspapers, especially the Washington Post, haven’t been nearly as receptive, says George McGovern in his Nation-published scathing analysis of Bush’s bad leadership.
He begins with
Thanks to the most crudely partisan decision in the history of the Supreme Court, the nation has been given a President of painfully limited wisdom and compassion and lacking any sense of the nation’s true greatness. Appearing to enjoy his role as Commander in Chief of the armed forces above all other functions of his office, and unchecked by a seemingly timid Congress, a compliant Supreme Court, a largely subservient press and a corrupt corporate plutocracy, George W. Bush has set the nation on a course for one-man rule.
And he goes on to explain in detail. Don’t miss it.
(Being notoriously irreligious, I love this particular statement of his:
The President frequently confides to individuals and friendly audiences that he is guided by God’s hand. But if God guided him into an invasion of Iraq, He sent a different message to the Pope, the Conference of Catholic Bishops, the mainline Protestant National Council of Churches and many distinguished rabbis–all of whom believe the invasion and bombardment of Iraq is against God’s will. In all due respect, I suspect that Karl Rove, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice–and other sideline warriors–are the gods (or goddesses) reaching the ear of our President.)

3 thoughts on “McGovern’s Eloquent Anti-Bush Stand

  1. Thank you for resurrecting Geo. McGovern for me. I was just wondering whatever happened to him?
    He was my first, my very first. I was 18 years old, just married, with a new baby, bored out of my mind. I went down to his campaign office and volunteered to work for him.
    1972 was the first year I was eligible to vote, what a proud day that was for me! To go to the polling booth, pull back the curtain and cast my official vote for McGovern!
    I had such high hopes back then.

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