Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka

“People say this doesn’t happen in this country,” McGeady said, “but one of my neighbors has been disappeared. It’s not what he might have done that matters to me — they disappeared him. They need to question him and let him go, or charge him. It’s like Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka.”
From Wired News via Blog Sister Lauren, who posts and links relevantly about her disillusionment with America and ends her post with this:
Perhaps singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco said it best: “And if I hear one more time about a fool’s right to his tools of rage, I’m gonna take all my friends, and I’m going to move to Canada, and we’re going to die of old age.”
Meanwhile, as the Wired article reports, friends of the disappeared Portland Intel programmer and American citizen Mike Hawash (who has not been charged with any crime) have set up a web site to support his release. B!X, who lives in Portland, was at the rally today for Hawash and will be posting something about it.
During the Viet Nam War we used to joke about gathering all of our like-minded friends at our hill-top home and seceding our 1 1/2 acres from the Union. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

3 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka

  1. This is a huge concern to me. I wouldn’t like to see anyone in this country disappear on the “slippery slope!!”
    But don’t leave! We need to stay here and work hard for our rights.

  2. Curious as to why “Jeff” said this was a “huge concern” for him, I bounced over to his site, and you should, too. He is a wonderful writer, a gentle man, he’s smart, and he gives away free gifs. That’s worth a trip.

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