3 thoughts on “Don’t Watch on a Full Stomach

  1. I am suddenly very embarassed for my govt. Before I was just annoyed, pissed off, patronized, dumb-downed, puppeteered, and duped.
    Now I am embarassed because my favorite female writer in the world, Margaret Atwood, has written a letter to America asking who we are now, because she doesn’t recognize us anymore.
    And I must admit, I do feel displaced. This isn’t even close to what I remember America being when I was growing up or living out the bulk of my life. And I realize: someday, somebody is going to come after us, because they think our govt. IS us … IS the U.S.

  2. There are lots of us who don’t recognize our own country any more. Let’s hope that we all vote in a regime change when we have the next chance.

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