4 thoughts on “Women Have Always Stood for Peace.

  1. Unfortunately, women haven’t always stood for peace. We had this as a dialogue once before in the weblogs. Women leaders have started wars as much as men have. And have been pretty nasty at times.

  2. I’m sure that there have been women leaders who have started wars. (I would love if someone could give me some links to factual information in support of that.) That’s why my statements are not total generalizations. BUT — I still maintain that if there were more women in positions of policy-making power, there would be more negotiation/cooperation and less murderous national aggression. Sometimes you have to fight. But I don’t believe that this is not one of those time.

  3. Elaine, I just cruised through the Ares, God of War page in your link. I chuckled (tho not sure why, it’s not that funny) at: “Ares . . . sometimes accompanied into battle by his SISTER Eris (Goddess of Discord) and Hades (God of the Dead) … FATHER of Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Terror).
    Sounds like a typical dysfunctional family to me, not to mention an accurate description of Hussein and his nuclear family.
    Would that we could evolve past discord, fear and terror, eh?

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