Fear of Webloggers?

As a concerned-citizen-weblogger/non-mainstream-sharer-of-political-information, b!X has been trying to understand and work with and within his local government system so that he can have access to the kinds of information he wants to share with his fellow citizens. Part of this effort requires that he try to attend local government press conferences and open meetings.
The local government official who told b!X last week that he could attend a press conference being held today left instructions at the last minute to bar him from the event. He

3 thoughts on “Fear of Webloggers?

  1. No, it’s not that she previously approved me for this one and then rescinded said approval. I attended a different news conference last week after she told me there was absolutely no policy regarding who could attend City news conferences. What happened today was that she somehow, for some reason, changed her mind and decided that there was some sort of such policy, and that it excluded my entrance. Details are non-existent, since she has yet to return my call.

  2. I’m sure the motivation behind that idea was well-intentioned, but I can’t help thinking there might be a better way for making people more aware. Protesters standing at every corner? It sounds a lot like religious evangelists standing on street corners handing out pamphlets. Sure, you notice them but very quickly you learn to ignore them like fire hydrants on the pavement.

  3. I guess I was envisioning such a protest being world-wide only for, say, three days or one week. A sort of peaceful version of “shock and awe.”

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