3 thoughts on “Where to, now?

  1. You may not be a BurningBird (who in the hell is?), but you don’t need to be, Elaine. Your writing has been fabulous, imho. If you need to change it, it’s strictly because it feels that way to you–certainy not because the reader (speaking for myself) is hankering for it.
    I’m sure whatever direction you take, the words will sparkle, as they always have. I suppose I ought to be interested in addressing some of these same subjects, but then I’m not caring for an aging parent, and I’m married to a younger woman. My mindset just isn’t in the same place–although the breadth of memory and the perspective that provides is something you and I do share, and it’s been fun sharing it. I trust that won’t change.

  2. I agree with you, somehow I am feeling that the blogosphere is demanding more time and attention than it is warranted.
    I hope you find your writing space again. Meanwhile, we will be patient.

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