No Time for Tea

–Big influx of new Blog Sisters to register and blogroll.
–Love Betsy Devine’s contrasting of Alphas and Alephs. Alephs rule!
–Mom has doctor’s appointments; I have physical therapy for my newly bad back.
–Taking a family member who is too sick to drive to the doctor’s today.
–Have to pack up something my mother ordered from Dr. Leonard’s catalog and take it to the post office.
–Cat just threw up on the rug.
–Trying to find out if there are going to be local readings from Poets Against the War on March 5 so I can sign up to read.
–My car is due for a tune-up.
–My driver’s license expires in a couple of weeks and I have to go and get it renewed.
–My 89 year-old uncle is still in the hospital (again) with double pneumonia and is not doing well. I’ve got to get my mom and me ready to leave in case he doesn’t make it this time.
–Finally finished doing my taxes, and I owe more than I thought this year. bummer.
How did I ever have time to work, take care of my kids, have a personal life, and still have time for tea?
Don’t know where the time goes. Dorothea (who is half my age) doesn’t know either. And btw, Dorothea, two weeks ago, I called to make an appointment for my annual physical and my doctor can’t take me until July 12.
I’d better stock up on my green tea. I hope I can find the time.

7 thoughts on “No Time for Tea

  1. Welcome to the club, Elaine. This club has no name because it has no function except to exasperate, frustrate and irritate. I suppose we could call it—um, Life. Or, Life is a Beach?
    We are all members, which is why I understand your list totally! –Except that my Mother died about 9 years ago, which puts me at the top of the “list” now. *sigh*

  2. Hi Elaine–I’m so glad you like my Alephs! I would hate to think the dear Alephs I know were feeling all women would like them better if they were Alphas. Some would, some wouldn’t. And, not entirely unrelated–I wish spammers would stop offering to make my penis bigger. Yoo hoo–wrong gender–and a silly idea to boot! I have been running around like a nut all day myself, but at least my back doesn’t hurt–that was last month! Wishing you all the best…

  3. I have a theory: people who compartmentalize their day and make sure certain tasks get done before a certain time have more time to do things. Maybe that’s why all the people who have kids still manage to have time on the weekend to go skiing while I wonder what the heck I’ve managed to accomplish during the week that make me so tired.
    Darn those efficient people even if I manage to daydream more than they do!

  4. Oh how I wish I had your way with words. I can express myself in various computer programming languages fluently yet struggle to explain my thoughts to humans all the time.
    Your note really rang true for me. I remember years ago when my children were in grade school I somehow managed a “wee” bit of spare time for myself, although at the time I worked over 40 hours a week, attended university two nights a week, chauffeured my children to various activities, and even occasionally found time to be a husband for my wife. Now with the children all gone, university behind me and work less demanding I find myself seeming to never have time to finish anything.
    Where does our time go?

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