Plagiarizers on Parade

It seems that all those who were skeptical of the information that Colin Powell shared with the UN about Iraq’s terrorist involvement were on the right track.
According to this article (and others saying the same thing)
The target is an intelligence dossier released on Monday and heralded by none other than Colin Powell at the UN as “exquisite.”
Channel Four News has learnt that the bulk of the nineteen page document was copied from three different articles – one written by a graduate student.
On Monday, the day before the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell addressed the UN, Downing Street published its latest paper on Iraq.
It gives the impression of being an up to the minute intelligence-based analysis – and Mr Powell was fulsome in his praise…..
Unaware that it was a straight lift from a PHD thesis both Tony Blair and US Secretary of State Colin Powell this week paraded the dossier as quality research and a searing indictment of Saddam’s regime.

Wake up, fellow Americans! How much longer are you going to let yourselves be manipulated by these immoral idiots?

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