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  1. Perhaps it would be a good effort to encourage your wide circle of blogger friends to BURY the President and their congressional non-reps with emails on a daily basis. Addresses are easily located via simple google search. But it would indeed require daily attention because otherwise they’re satisfied to send meaningless form responses thanking you and explaining how they’re so busy and get so many emails they can’t address your concerns directly. But daily barraging might make them realize there’s something afoot that requires real attention to something other than their political asses.

  2. I like myrln’s idea of dissent by e-mail. It seems a good way to harness some of the mass energy that must, surely, exist in this “blogger community” we hear so much about (whatever happened to Blogtank?). If, indeed, such a thing actually exists and has been nailed down by a definition.
    Any volunteers to get behind such an idea, to organize, manage and corral whatever energy is out there?*
    *sorry, I was born in the year of the ram and am not a natural born leader

  3. I have thought about trying to do something like that, but I’ve discovered that bloggers are a lot like cats, and trying to herd either is equally frustrating. (I think it’s telling that most bloggers are owned by at least one cat.) I sign every anti-war petition that I come upon, and send the email letters to the White House and my legislators that are suggested by the organized efforts of truemajority.com, aclu.org, e-thePeople.org, actforchange.com, etc. etc. Personally, I don’t think our political leaders give a hoot what we think and pretty much ignore what they get in emails. I go through the motions, though, so that I don’t sink into total despair.

  4. I find it interesting, that we are so against war in our time.
    on the one hand, who are we to tell Iraq what it can and cannot do, let alone INVADE their lands and start a shooting war.
    but on the other hand, America has a stereotyped role to play in the world we live in.
    We are the rebels, the gun hoe’s who are too cocky and too rich for our own good. Other countries have been the targets of terrorism, Munich during those olymics so long ago. Did Germany vengfully lash out? no, they tightened security and moved on.
    America always acts with passion before thought,
    it is that passion that created us, and that drives us forward.
    On another, more brutal level, What modivation does Iraq really have to cooporate with the United Nations, which is the peace keeping body of the world. Their incentive is American tanks that are itching to invade. If America just decided that they wouldn’t attack wrong doers and terrorists, why would anyone listen to the United Nations?
    the United Nations would go the way of the league of nations, and THAT, my friends, is not the path we wish to go down, I assure you

  5. Well, Joe, often our best qualities, when allowed to go, unchallenged, to extremes, can become our worst sins. We Americans always have thought of ourselves as “the good guys,” the ones who fight for truth, justice, and the democratic way, who demonstrate the value of free markets and open competition. What has happened, though, is that our leaders (in the business as well as the political world) have become so chauvanistic that they believe that their decisions are right by virtue of the fact that they are Americans. The world is between a rock and a hard place now because of decades of bad decisions that American leaders have made in dealing with the economics and politics of oil and the Middle East. American business and political leaders are responsible for setting up situations that gave discouraged and down-trodden citizens of Middle Eastern nations reasons to turn toward the promises of terrorist leaders. The brutality of American greed has brought us to where we are. Bush and his coterie are trying to set it up so we have no choice but to continue that brutality to its extreme ends. What goes around comes around.

  6. I’m more concerned with now with the fact they are are lying through their horseshit-stained teeth. They’ve been doing this all along of course, but never more blatantly so than with this new bin Laden tape, which they are all crowing about, saying it proves the link between Hussein and al-Qaeda, when in reality it actually comes exasperatingly close to doing the precise opposite.
    Every governmental statement and nearly all mainstream (especially television) media coverage of this new tape has been pure spin, with next to no factual content whatsoever.
    If they have to work this hard (and can now do it poorly and obviously, to boot) to fake reasons to go to war, then this war is not needed, it’s merely wanted by those in power.

  7. well, now.
    I’ll admit more readily than most that America is the direct reason for, and running cause of most of the worlds problems.
    We undercut markets, tear down trees, put in puppet leaders, and encourage rebels to fight their countries leaders.
    We’re greedy, we basically steal from other nations, and we’re cocky to boot.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Our country sucks ass.
    I’m sorry to say, but you can’t really blame the government. You can’t really blame our ‘society’.
    Every time you buy something, watch tv, pick up a paper, and yes, log online to post a response to this, you are funding and backing the very government that YOU helped elect, even if you didn’t vote.
    There is no one to blame, ladies and gentlemen, but ourselves, and at this point, it’s kind of moot as to how you feel about the situation.
    My college’s student government spent almost 3 hours debating whether or not we should go to war with iraq, so they could have a ‘school statement’
    most in my school don’t know the S.A. exists, let alone perscribe to it’s statements. Additionally, they would have been much better off voting on something like budget cuts and monetary placements, as Wisconsin is in the middle of a budget crisis right now.
    What I’m trying to say is, basically, that you’re fighting the problem the wrong way.
    you put him there (I was too young to vote)
    and now bush is going to go to war.
    Are any of you really qualified to say what would happen if we did or didn’t?
    are you sure?
    and if you can’t say for certain what will happen, how can you know the best choice?
    We the people beleive that Bush knows what he’s doing (or at least his advisors do) or we’d impeach him. And ladies and gentlemen, no one is going to impeach this president
    Thank you for your time
    oh, and to b!, there are more than just those in power who want war, I’m afraid to say, or we prolly wouldn’t be having this forum

  8. Yah, well, I didn’t vote for Bush — for him or his father — and, as we know, Dubya didn’t get the popular vote and he stole the election because of the Florida debacle anyway. And I disagree that buying the newspaper or logging on etc. is necessarily supporting our existing government. I believe it’s possible to have a healthy economy under a government that adhere’s to the ethical principles of a true democracy (which is not the government we have). And, yes, it probably would have been more beneficial for the students on your campus to grapple with immediate local issues. It’s smarter to thing/advocate globally while actually acting locally (where one has more power and influence to make changes). And, no, I don’t know what the ultimate outcome of a war will be. But I do know that there will be many innocent lives lost, and that’s never a good thing no matter how you look at it.

  9. We don’t need the wars..!
    What is going on…?
    We don’t need the wars..!
    You know, We don’t need escalate.
    Don’t punish any people with brutality..!
    There’re too many people crying…
    Ther’re far many people dying…
    Where is the peace of the world..?
    What is going on in the world filled with pain..?
    Wars is not the answer..,You know..?
    Where is the peace of which we pray..?
    …Please think about the orphan babies,
    …who got no mom and dad..!
    …How many people gotta to the homeless…?
    …Please think about nobody who don’t want to die..!
    What is going on in the world today..?
    When the politician can’t see
    the sing of endangered times..!
    What is politically blinded..?
    What is going on…?
    Mr. President…,Please stop the war..!
    Kanmunee Srivisarnprob
    Expert to senator of Chaingmai
    The Kingdom of Thailand
    18 March 2003
    Copyright 2003 by Kanmunee Srivisarnprob

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