A Tale of Two Armageddons

On New Year’s Day I went to the movies see Lord of the Rings and watched as good battled evil in a mythic fantasy universe where the lines between good and evil are not always clear cut — where fictionally fantastic beings struggle to make the right decisions, struggle to understand who they are in relation to others, struggle to overcome less-than-noble inclinations in themselves as well as to battle the evil machinations of their fellow creatures.
On New Year’s Eve, I watched a movie (online) on Trinity Broadcasting Network called Megiddo, in which good battled evil in the ?real? world and in which the lines between good and evil were very clear cut. I went to see Lord of the Rings for all of the reasons why everyone goes to see it. I watched Megiddo because I was curious about how the religious right is presenting that ultimate good vs evil battle.
As one might expect, in Megiddo, the individual who rises to power — for the EXPRESSED purpose of uniting the world so that there would be peace and prosperity for all — is the anti-Christ who really only wants to rule and manipulate the world’s ppulation for his own ultimately evil ends. And, of course, the United States and its president are the good guys, battling that ultimate evil.
I couldn’t help but compare the two stories — a total fantasy that reflected many truths of the human heart and soul and that stirred as many questions as answers; and the other, a supposedly realistic projection into the future of this actual world that was clearly manipulative propaganda designed to define what is evil and what is good. No questions. Just very definitive answers. And one of the answers is that the United States is always on the side of good. The other, of course, is that God is on the side of the United States.
The one thing both movies have in common, however, is the idea that there comes a time when fighting back and killing others is unavoidable. And that’-s what scares me, makes me feel trapped in a time and a world that is taking me along with it toward a future I don’t want.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Armageddons

  1. “No questions. Just very definitive answers.”
    Typical of the religious right, no? They have all the anwers and you’re damned to Hell if you don’t accept them. Damned to their Hell, anyway – which, fortunately, I don’t believe in. Still, my belief or not, will not stop people like George W. from manifesting that Hell on Earth.
    You’re not alone, Elaine, just remember that. We’re trapped right beside you in this world we never made.

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