A real-life good friend of mine buried his mother yesterday. The father of a blog friend died today. After such a loss during the holidays, those holidays will always bring with them a touch of great sadness. I know. My Dad died the day after Christmas eighteen years ago.
New offspring come into the world; aged parents leave it. We are lucky when their journeys overlap, which is how it was with Gary Turner

2 thoughts on “Sympathy

  1. Elaine
    The death of a loved one during this time of the year has made me reflect on my attitude toward time (and how I spend it), the true meaning of what we celebrate, and finally, it has also made me value more the company of friends and the presence of those in our important events.
    Holidays without a loved one might be painful and sad, but also, upon talking, seeing and sharing this time with all the people around, I am slowly realizing that, reflections aside, what we share is more than just gifts, but joys and sorrows, plans and accomplishments.
    Happy New Year, and may your wishes for the new year become true.

  2. December is a rough time for me as well. There are times where I wish it were a regular holiday-free, stress-free, memory-free month. Alas, it is not.
    Hopefully, the special times are exactly what they remember first next year.

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