Can’t let this one slide by

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Back in November, the Senate and House passed a Homeland Security Bill replete with goodies for special interests, but none so troubling as that mysterious rider which appeared out of nowhere, seemingly in the middle of the night, just prior to the vote. The rider created a wall of protection around the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, a large Republican campaign contributor. For a company facing expensive lawsuits stemming from an association between the vaccines it produced, and the high rise in autism among American children who were administered that vaccine, this rider – having nothing to do with Homeland Security – may well have saved Eli Lilly’s future in corporate America. Sadly, passage of Homeland Security put an end to those lawsuits, filed by parents who want to know the truth. Families must now file their claims through a special “vaccine court” where their cases will be heard. The quest for truth has been crushed.
Who was the person who slipped this rider into the bill at the last minute? Who out there is protecting the corporate backside of Eli Lilly? Politicians on the left and on the right claim they knew nothing about the addition. Many voted for the bill not realizing the rider had been included. Now, you and I both know that Washington DC is not exactly a haven for the modest. To the contrary, it’s home to politicians and pundits whose every breath is cause for a two-column write-up, so when nobody stepped up to the plate and took credit for this mysterious corporate litigation condom, families of autism and people of good will began to ask, “whodunit?” We just might get an answer to that question. has issued a $10,000 reward leading to the identification of that individual responsible for this clandestine piece of lawmaking.
Read it all on their site..
I wonder if the arts money that heiress Ruth Lilly is spreading around is tied to this at all. Blood money? Then why to the arts? Because arts people are so hungry for support that they won’t criticize their benefactresses connections? Just wondering.

5 thoughts on “Can’t let this one slide by

  1. I went to Indiana U which, quietly, for many years, has been the beneficiary of Ruth Lilly’s largesse in many wonderful ways. She’s a caring, genuine person who truly loves the arts. There’s no hidden agenda here.
    Whatever the sins of her family’s enterprise, and they indeed may be many, please don’t read anything sinister into this woman’s actions. It may be impossible for a wealthy person to be a saint, but she comes close.
    Maybe deep in her soul she wants to expiate some of Eli Lilly’s wrongdoings. But a plot to deflect criticism? Let me disabuse you of that notion.
    To quote our South African buddy, Mike, “Trust me. I know these things.”

  2. I do trust you and I believe you. She sounds like she’s her own person; good for her! As someone who worked to raise funding for the arts, I know how hard it is to do and how much it is appreciated. Thanks for clueing me in.

  3. I think it is a tragedy to give away so much money to the arts when thousands of parents are going bankrupt trying to help their children harmed by the products developed by eli lilly, shame on you!!

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