Attention Warbloggers!

Go here to read a wonderful sermon given at a Jewish temple last Friday by a Jewish man — a therapist, a healer, a poet, a writer, a man of wisdom and compassion. The title of the sermon is “Biblical Wisdom and Modern War.”
May we all find peace in the New Year.
For more information about Dr. Edward Tick, see

2 thoughts on “Attention Warbloggers!

  1. I read the article and it’s really sad. U.S. citizens are becoming more “international” in that people from all over the world live here and travel back and forth to their former home countries.
    I can see how they would be at risk while traveling, especially on holidays. Besides trouble here at in the U.S., there’s a lot of discord and suffering all around the world because of the mess our government is making.
    Anyway, Happy Holidays to all. Have a safe and wonderful New Year.

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