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  1. I’ve already posted my opinion on the “girlism” thing on various blogs, including that Blogsisters. (Funny that I’d found the web site thinking it was a warblog – hahaha!!!!!)
    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll find my opinions there, if you care trouble yourself with them. 😉 hehe.
    I mainly wanted to comment just to say that I appreciate you posting your personal experience as it pertains to the movement for equal rights for women under the law.
    Someone should make this a Friday 5 or a Sunday Spew (or whatever darn nonsense) question… and maybe then there’d be enough explanations out there to dispell these myths that apparently still persist in certain segments of the population. 😉

  2. I just read on that scripting guy’s site that he considers Halley to be the key to understanding women!
    I rarely use this, but… *LOL*!!!!!!!!!
    He’d be quite confused if he ever tried to get to know me or a lot of the women in my life (in person in my life)…
    And my women friends & acquaintances include… a doctor /tap dancer, 2 physical therapists, an artist, a bank teller /local actress, a clerical worker/mother, a film archivist/musician, a postal carrier, an attorney, and a stay-at-home Mom.
    These are women I know personally. So I know that none of these women are people who’d want to be objectified, and would prefer to use feminine wiles instead of having their rights under the law.
    A man following Halley’s hypthesis would be in for a rude awakening… or would likely make a complete ass out of himself.
    But then, I don’t know how old that scripting guy is. If he’s like 22 or younger, and dating 16 year old or younger girls, he might be onto something, eh?
    Maybe there should be a Sunday Spew where everyone gives away one key to understanding them… and then men will see how differently different women feel about different things, and the same w/ men.

  3. Hmmm. Flirting and dressing sexy. Well, guys do that too. Although they’re not as good at it as we are, and when girl pay attention to them they kind of freak out and act like they don’t know what’s going on.
    About discrimination; I met more discrimination from other women than I have men. Of course, in the workplace the guys do seem to get the advantages. But girls tend to hold other girls back a lot more. When a girl is your boss she’s more apt to downplay your achievements to her superiors.
    When a woman becomes a supervisor she’ll help other girls get promoted under her. BUT, if one of those girls somehow threatens her position by being more competent, she’ll lie on the annual review. This is just a sad fact.
    On the other hand, I’ve had male bosses who’ve given me really good reviews and helped me tremendously. I thingk this whole inequality thing is just poor human relations and politics.

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