Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Today is my one-year blogiversary. I started my old weblog, which is still out there, a year ago today, after my son b!X got tired of my sending stuff (mostly political) to post on his site. With his urging and help, this non-techie tentatively reached out to Blogger, and Kalilily Time emerged.
I had planned to “create something” today, and I was leaning toward hand painting a rising phoenix t-shirt for Shelley as a gesture of support and encouragment, but, as official Blog Sisters registrar, I’m being inundated with requests to join. The article in the NY Times apprarently struck a chord in women all over the world. As a result, Jeneane and I have to come up with some policy guidelines and I have to keep responding to the requests. So, I guess my creative efforts today (as a counter-effort to Black Friday spending) is probably going to be sitting here at the keyboard creating new Blog Sisters.
My alternative creative project was going to be visiting an artist/teacher friend of mine who’s been working at a New Hampshire college and commuting every once in a while to her home in NY, which she shares with the man in her life. We were going to play in her studio, scan some of her art work, maybe put together a digital collage — my poetry and her images. We’ve been talking about doing that for years, but time goes by and bye and bye and bye. My favorite creation of hers is a little table that she adorned with plaster casts of her nipples and then painted white. Oh well, maybe I can find time to get over to her studio tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I celebrate today the way I celebrated November 29, 2001 — at the computer, weblogging. Although tonight I might work on the booties-that-look-like sneakers for my grandson. I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked so I’m inventing my own.
And so, for all those out in Blogdom who criticize women bloggers for posting about knitting. Stuff it!
Isn’t it great to feel that there is nothing we can’t do and that it is soooo OK to enjoy all kinds of activities that are productive and life-affirming! Yeah! Yeah! Go Blog Sisters.

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