My Thanks to the Coat Tails of the World

As I was getting ready to run out and buy a few copies of the NY Times (and some beer, since I left what I bought yesterday in the bottom rack of the shopping cart — and Cool Whip for the Key Lime cream cheese pie that’s for dessert today since I like to start my own traditions), it occurred to me that all of the successes in my life were achieved by riding on someone else’s coat tails. I have often credited my son b!X’s for getting into weblogging in the first place. I’m running out to get the Times because I rode into this one on Jeneane Sessum’s. The jobs I’ve loved the most were those in which I was someone’s “Special Assistant,” with lots of influence and no need to find the buck stopped on my desk. And my thanks to the great female archetypes of Lilith and Kali and the many-breasted Artemis for giving me the encouragement to get on in the first place.
So, my thanks to all of the coat tails of the world for the great rides.
I’ve got to start the Thanksgiving cooking. My brother has just walked in with the turkey.
Happiness is not getting what you want; it’s wanting what you have. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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