Mad at McAfee

This is why lots of ordinary people get so frustrated with the stuff that techies breeze through:
I decided I’d upgrade my McAfee anti-virus program with the new 7.0, which has a firewall as well. Except I couldn’t download the new version until I uninstalled my old one. Except it wouldn’t do a quick uninstall because there were little files stuck in weird places. So I got onto the McAfee site, which was not user friendly in getting help, but I did get to their tech chat person, who finally sent me a six page set of instructions on how to get rid of each file separately (and some might be in as many as 20 times in various places).
Well, being a non-techie 62 year old who gets an Excedrin headache when I have to program a tv or vcr and still haven’t figured out all of the settings on my digital camera, I asked for a refund and went and downloaded Norton with perfect ease.
This is why ordinary people get to hate technology. If I weren’t addicted to blogging, I probably would too.

3 thoughts on “Mad at McAfee

  1. Techies hate technology sometimes too. It’s just that in situations like these, we consider beating the computer/ software/ whatever into submission a badge of honor, while saner people give up and either do without or get something easier to use. ;-D
    Been there, done that, couldn’t go to sleep until I had it mastered.

  2. I guess that when I was younger I had the energy to tackle those kinds of challenges too. I remember, when I was a young single mom with a house, I needed to find a way to bypass the water softener so that we could drink water without all of that salt infused into it. I figured out the plumbing and put in a spigot. My tolerance for those kinds of challenges has sure diminished.
    Of course, now I still have all of those McAfee files tucked away somewhere, and maybe during some snow storm when I have nothing else to occupy my energies, I’ll take out those 6 pages of instructions and start getting rid of them. At least there’s no pressure and I can take my time. Maybe it’s taking on projects under pressure that I’ve lost tolerance for. Intersting.

  3. I purchased about $900 worth of software from
    At least you got a product. I didn’t receive anything. My emails and phone calls go unanswered.
    I’m looking for similar unhappy people to join me in legal action against this company. Despite their claims, they are scammers.
    Did you ever get a refund or working replacement?

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