so what were you for Halloween?

I love Halloween. I have a box of costumes that I’ve made over the years — a unicorn, Betty Boop, a box of candy, an alien star ship captain, a Hogwart’s faculty member, a Christmas elf…. A few years ago, I really wanted to be Xena, but, being twice her age, I figured it was wise to let that one go. This year I was Medusa, with pipe-cleaner snakes bobby-pinned onto my head (and one hanging over my ear) and a witchy outfit. Two dance places that I go to had costume parties, so not only did I get to dress up, I got to dance.
Tomorrow, on All Saints Day, I get to take my mom to mass; and then again on All Souls Day, of course, so she can pray for all of the dear (or not so dear) departed. While she gets into the Catholic thing, I sit there and meditate, breathe, relax, space out. Before I know it, it’s over; she’s done her duty and I’ve lowered my blood pressure.
Medusa does Mass. Heh.

10 thoughts on “so what were you for Halloween?

  1. I do exactly the same thing when my wife drags me to temple, which, fortunately, ain’t often.
    Your hair get-up is appropriately wicked, but I’m afraid that your face is too pretty for a convincing Medusa.

  2. I miss dressing up for Halloween. I haven’t done it since high school, for various intervening practical reasons that were utterly boring. I feel so fusty and depressingly staid. I didn’t have time or money to do a costume this year. And now I’m moving to a country that really doesn’t *do* Halloween. Sigh.

  3. Green hair. I should have thought of that!! I guess they have stuff these days that really does wash out. I wanted to paint up my face, but dancing means sweating and then it all soaks into my skin, which then breaks out etc. etc. But I should have done the green hair. Next year! Of course, I’ll be something else next year. Have to think about that.
    And my costume really was cheap. I bought the witchy thing at 60% off the week before Halloween (so it was about $6) and the pipe cleaners were 79 cents. Andrea, maybe you can start an interest in a Halloween after you move. Everyone with any kid left in them has to love it.

  4. You do realize you’ll burn in Hell for this, Elaine? I have a feeling you do and I’m sure your Mom has pointed it out to you. However, I just wanted to make absolutely sure that you are aware of this.
    Medusa does Mass. Indeed. And this a public blog too…:)
    But, yeah, I have to agree with the heathen above, you sure do look good for somebody about to suck in all that hellfire and brimstone…

  5. Great Costume, I plan on going as Medusa this year, and was looking for ways to make the snake headpiece, Thanks for the ideas. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  6. I too have been trying to figure out what to do for a Medusa headpiece. The pre-fab ones are awful! Thanks for sharing your idea.
    Also… I consider myself a bit of a Greek Mythology buff, and Medusa was supposed to be basically a beautiful woman, who’s gorgeous hair had been transformed into snakes by Athena, who also cursed her so that anyone she looked upon would turn to stone. She did this apparently because Medusa was a bit of a tart, and slept with a god in her temple. An alternate story is that Medusa had been bragging that she was as beautiful as Athena. In any case, letting your beautiful face show actually made for a more authentic costume than perhaps you even realized. 🙂

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