Hope Springs Eternal

Periodically, I get emails from various anti-war friends to sign an email petition or some such thing. Thanks to the education b!X has given me about separating the internet wheat from the chaff, I have learned to reply to such emails with a version of the following message — which I just sent to the dozens of people who also received the latest email and whose addresses were at my mercy in the body of the message.
You should know that this effort is bogus and is just a waste of your time.
There are several sites that you can check for the validity of similar
efforts and other rumors spread over the internet. One of these is
http://www.snopes.com/index.htm. If you go there and search for “United
Nations Peace Petition,” you will find an explanation of this untrue rumor.
Also, just a helpful hint for when you send out mass emails — it’s wise to
enter those addresses in the BCC: box so that all of those addresses are not
visible. (For example, I was able to send this message to everyone who was
on the mailing list along with me.)
Finally, if you want to keep up with all kinds of non-mainstream information
about “King George” and his efforts to propel us into a warring frenzy,
check out www.poxamericana.us.

2 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. When was the last time that you visited ? I was direscted there, and it shows ERROR; i.e. the site is down. Any idea whose it was, or when it disappeared?

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