Speak up now or there will be no peace

Wednesday, 10/09/02
Pox American reports that
As of this moment, Senator Robert Byrd is having a fight on the Senate floor over the procedures currently set forth in the Senate rules for this debate. Under the pressure of Senator Daschle, they are heading towards a vote on cloture for 10:15 AM tomorrow morning — cloture being the end of the debate, and the start of the final hours leading up to an actual vote on the resolution itself.
Senator Byrd is requesting that by unanimous consent, the Senate remove that 10:15 AM vote on cloture, because they Senate has only been debating this issue since the end of last week, and that being too short a time for such a wighty issue.

Now is the moment to make your voice heard over the phone to your state’s Senators. Call and ask each to support Byrd’s request to remove tomorrow’s 10:15 AM vote on cloture. Or if the actual resolution comes to a vote, to vote against it. DO IT before it’s too late!

3 thoughts on “Speak up now or there will be no peace

  1. I’m glad to say that I contacted my state’s senators – or their staff at any rate – yesterday and urged them to vote against any war resolutions and to support any filibusters that Byrd may propose. Let’s hope there are enough of us raising our voices.

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