The case of the lost compasses

As b!X quotes from a Harper’s article by Lewis Lapham, who refers to the Wall Street Journal’s reference to America’s lost “ethical compass,” I think about how so many of the “compasses” that we humans have built to guide our journeys are also lost — or at least malfunctioning. The religions that were supposed to point the way toward moral, caring, inspiring behaviors don’t work when and where they’re most needed. The educational systems that are supposed to point the way toward meaningful, fulfilling, life-enhancing work and life-enhancing lives have lost the sense of that direction. The sciences to which we look for answers and solutions are being swept away by the greedy seas of politics and markets. The family, clan, and tribal systems that once guided, protected, and nurtured our hearts are rusting away.
So, what do we have left? Maybe only our individuals selves and what stabilizing connections we can forge with other individuals. Maybe only our shared readings of the stars to keep us from drowning (or from drowning alone). Am I feeling Apocalyptic? Yes I am.
Meanwhile, I’m glad that I gave b!X a subscription to Harper’s for last Christmas/Solstice. He always pulls out the really good stuff.

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