More brain chemistry stuff

An interesting comment from a female friend of mine, whose male live-in significant other has just finished undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, which included injections of female hormones. He tends to be a pretty aggressive guy, and he reported that he could actually physically and psychologically feel his aggressiveness diminishing as the hormones took effect. Just another example of how we are at the mercy of our biology and chemistry. (And maybe how we don’t have to be if we don’t want to. And I’m not advocating that aggressive men take female hormones!)

2 thoughts on “More brain chemistry stuff

  1. Actually, I believe you would. When I first began showing menopausal symptoms, I also felt very tired, not much sex drive or energy. My family doctor tested my hormones and told me that my testosterone level was low. I opted to try taking some testosterone. Not only did my energies increase, but I broke out with terrible acne as a result of taking testosterone. So I opted out. Never took it long enough to see if I got aggressive.

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