Just when I think I’ve finally mellowed out…

….I get taken up short by something like this and then really get annoyed — at the everything from the juvenile attitude and form of expression to the impact that such (even though small potatoes compared to what we get in the popular media) has on how the world objectifies women. And then I wind up in an email blitz that really doesn’t change anyone’s mind and wastes too much of my time and energy on such “boys will be boys” posturing.
Maybe it’s because someone at Blog Sisters recently referred to the Native American focus on the Seventh Generation. The Native American Seventh Generation philosophy says that decisions you make today (and also the behavior you model) should take into consideration the impact that these decisions (behaviors) will have on the next seven generations to come after us.

2 thoughts on “Just when I think I’ve finally mellowed out…

  1. Errr, ummm. Mebbe you sent the boy the wrong spell a couple months ago? Mebbe it was a regression spell?
    Actually, I was kind of tickled with the Song of Solomon thing…didn’t even notice the graphic until I read your pulled post from last night and went back to look. Since those stupid lips I’ve taken to just reading his words.
    Glad you reinstated your post. He has his rights…you have yours!
    Thanks for talking about Book Crossings. I’m looking into it.
    See ya!

  2. I hope you never mellow out.
    And I hope boys become men.
    And I hope being a man means that you come to understand how the way you value women, and talk about women, and write about women, and portray women has an impact on women. I want to believe that knowing that will give men some insight.
    I’m not going to believe that “boys will be boys” is so limited. I’ve met boys and men who were very aware and kind.
    Of course, much of this is hope. We have miles to go.
    What ever time you spent trying to raise consciousness was not wasted.

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