A no-brainer.

Tom Shugart, one of my contemporaries in Blogdom, is still trying to get a Comment feature on his weblog, so I often simply email him such things. Here he refers to what I sent him in one of my emails. And I point this out because it supports the direction of my ruminations about what kind of men are truly attractive to women, make us want to open our arms, our hearts, and our other body parts to what they offer us and the world.

4 thoughts on “A no-brainer.

  1. I was going to draw a comparison between you and RageBoy, but I figured there was no point in stirring things up in that direction. Heh.
    Nevertheless, this new generation of guys (and my son-in-law is one of them) give me hope for the future of open and honest and mutually nurturing retlationships.

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