Stirring up some Rage (Boy)

Don’t blame me. Shelley started it, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be left out.
So, I’m contributing a body part to the accumulating pile being offered (to Rage Boy’s voodoo gods perhaps?) to get the ol’ guy back at his keyboard. Too bad that Gary Turner beat me to offering the septum; I have a newly revamped one and am very aware of mine at the moment.
Instead, then, I offer the commonly ignored and uncommonly inelegant elbow, both the sensuous, sensitive inner and the sad, age-roughened outer. Let’s bend some elbows in honor of Rage Boy and bellow a few “get off you ass”es in mellow sodden harmony.
I’ve given you the elbow, Rage Boy. Nudge. Nudge.
Join the campaign. Follow Shelley’s supportive lead and get the word out to Gonzo Guy.

6 thoughts on “Stirring up some Rage (Boy)

  1. Body Parts Campaign

    One week it was teeth the next it’s lips. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think it’s time for Rageboy to give equal time to other body parts. So, I’m starting an email campaign and am asking for

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