Steal This Book

Remember Abbie Hoffman’s struggle to get his book by that name published and distributed back in 1971? No? Well, you can read about it here and also download a free copy. Abbie has won out after all.
Good ol’ Abbie came to mind as I was formatting the book marks that I inserted into the books I’m leaving around as my part in the BookCrossing project. My lead line is ‘Take This Book.’ Not quite the revolutionary spirit that Abbie tried to stir up, but the best I can do at this point.
I left two books in different rest rooms at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, one in my doctor’s office, one at a shopping center bus stop, and one on a bench at the entrance to a Hannaford supermarket. I have a whole pile of more books that need to have bookmarks inserted. I never throw a book out, even if it’s one I couldn’t stand to finish. This just seems like a great way to get all these paperbacks out of my already crowded little apartment and not feel guilty about getting rid of them.
It’s a far cry from what Abbie had in mind, but I think he probably would think it was a pretty good idea anyway.

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