No place to hide?

While it’s not that we bloggers are trying to hide, but let’s face it — most of us look at our blogs as pesonal space, like our own private house made out of glass, where anyone can look in, but we reserve the right to decide on whom to invite in beyond our front door. So this information from b!X disturbs me. I don’t want my personal blog to make me the target of marketers. Of course, I know that it’s started already, with stupid spam irrelevant-to-me emails about making money on the net. That’s annyoying enough.
I like the idea of personal blogs avoiding and ignoring the mainstream activity of the Net, of constantly reinventing themselves, playfully experimenting in some uncluttered corner of the web. I don’t like publicists invading my space. But maybe I have no choice. Bummer.

6 thoughts on “No place to hide?

  1. I read that bit too this morning and thought the very same thing. I can guarentee that the first email I get from someone not of Blog Sisters or someone I already know regarding my blog I’m going to hold highly suspicious. The first thing I’ll probably ask will now be, “What the hell are they trying to sell me?” I’m sick of the mass consumerism that media crams down our throats in the name of economic health. Blogger was a place to come to journal somewhat anonimysly without the threat of spam or annoying popup ads that you could barely ignore.
    To you publisists and marketers: Forget about me as a consumer for your clients’ product. I don’t do telemarketing either, so don’t bother calling!

  2. The thing that’s most violating is that this kind of attitude/ approach is so dehumanizing. Here we are, using a technical medium to build a community of sorts, a conversation, an ebb and flow of ideas and feelings and views. What do publicists think? “Oh look, it’s a new kind of billboard, but be careful, because this billboard can be kind of moody, so be sure to sugar coat it before you plaster your ad on it.” Taking it a step further from the idea that blogs are relatively personal space, to dis-acknowledge (is that a word?) that personality behind the blog and treat it as a platform for advertising or publicity is missing the point of blogging so much it’s not even in the same galaxy.

  3. Second try at using a nospam form of email address.
    Just blogged about the huge amount of spam I’m receiving lately. Not only getting more of it, but it’s getting nastier too. Thank goodness, my blog is obscure enough that the marketers Bix blogged about are unlikely even to find me. (Fingers crossed.)

  4. Priveyet (Hello)
    Va skolka (How are you)?
    Minyar eemya Alexi (My name is Alexi).
    Spasebo Balshoi (Big thank you).
    S’novom godom (With / Happy New year).
    Paka (In a while / see you soon).

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