All That We Are

Last night I went to a retirement party for a guy to has worked for General Electric for the past 40 years. I’ve known him for the past 15 or so as a ballroom dancer, having met him at a dance that was held despite a major northeast snowstorm. We were among the handful of dance fanatics who refused to let a mere snowstorm keep us off the floor.
Last night, I found out that he has been instrumental in both creating codes for the programs that power nuclear submarines and crucial in the processes for de-bugging codes written by others. He’s a physicist by training and a brillinant programmer by talent and choice. I never knew that. I only knew that he loves to dance.
I went to the party with a long-time on-and-off dance partner, Nat Friedman, who retired last year from teaching mathematics at the State University and who is internationally known as a sculptor and an innovator in teaching how to integrate math and art. Many of our dance friends have no sense of his life off the dance floor.
I know lots of bloggers as bloggers. I know a little more about some of them from Frank Paynter’s lively and probing interviews with them. One of the things I enjoy about blogging is witnessing the continued unfolding of the details that make up the personalities who populate the Blogosphere — especially the ones who are not already well-known as net entities.
All that we are is so much more than we have time to share through our blogvoices.

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