Keeping my mind off my nose

As a way of distracting my mind from my nasal discomforts, I’ve been working on Marek’s t-shirt, and it’s finished, except for “heat setting,” which is what you have to do to fabric that’s been painted. Heh. The front looks like a third grader’s art project, since that’s about the level of my drawing talents. But the back is another story. First, here’s what it all looks like (the colors didn’t come out exactly, but close enough):
Now, for the story of the design on the back, which came out pretty well, I think:
The legend of the coronation sword of Polish kings (the pommel of Szczerbiec) begins with the first king of Poland, Boleslaus the Brave (ruled 992-1025), who is said to have jagged his sword against the Golden Gate in Kiev on his victorious entry into that city in 1018. The most interesting part of the sword is the hilt, which bears some symbols and inscriptions of esoteric character.
One of these symbols is an image of the Rose of Jericho, a flower that grows in Palestine that is able to revive after it had been dried, and, therefore, is a symbol of resurrection. Curiously enough it is not a rose at all, but rather belongs to the plant order called Cruciferae or cruciferous, which features “cross-like” components. The image of the Rose of Jericho on the pommel of Szczerbiec has twelve petals, the number of the signs of the Zodiac.
Like the symmetrical design of rose windows, the image of the Rose of Jericho becomes an appropriate focus for a meditative mandala — a symbol of the eternal Polish spirit that refuses to be crushed, diminished, or silenced.
The symbol in the center is called the

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  1. Hey, thanks for adding me in there even though I didn’t email you specifically about it. I was taken out by a cold (or relapse or something) all weekend + Monday. I share your “not being able to breathe” misery. Ugh. And you even made a t-shirt in the middle of your discomfort, I couldn’t even get the dishes done. 😉

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