Blogging my nose

Since I can’t blow it yet, I’ll blog it. I’m feeling a little better, although breathing is still a challenge, and my right eye feels like it has a toothache — a situation not unusual given the work done on the sinuses around it. So, I’m continuing to doze off watching watching tv movies and beginning to work on Marek’s t-shirt. (My eye doesn’t seem to hurt if I keep looking in one direction.) Yawn. Time for another nap. (Jeneane‘s been expending enough creative energies for both of us. She’d better save some up for George’s return tomorrow.)
I get the splints out of my nose on Thursday. I’m not looking foward to that! Luckily, I recently made the acquaintance of another woman who lives here with her mother. She’s ten years older than I (and her mother is ten years older than mine), and we have little in common except our caregiving, but that’s sure plenty at this point. She’s offered to take me to the doctor’s, and I’m going to take her up on it. It’s kind of nice to have someone nearby I might be able to count on — and vice versa. Yawn, again — both because I’m tired and because my blogging about this is getting tiresome.

1 thought on “Blogging my nose

  1. Eeeuuu, that sounds just icky (I have a very small vocabulary). Not to mention uncomfortable. You’re the first person I’ve met who has had this icky thing done. I am in awe.
    But seriously, Elaine, I hope healing will move along at a rapid pace. This has got to be a really stinky kind of surgery.

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