Reggae Spirit

You see men sailing on their ego trips
Blast off on their space ship
Million miles from reality
No care for you, no care for me
So much trouble in the world now
So much trouble in the world now
All you got to do is give a little
Give a little, give a little
One more time YE-A-H! YE-AH!

So much trouble — Bob Marley
Jeneane and b!X blog daily, voicing frustration, isolation, and caring as different as they are personal and compelling. They are my first reads each day, although not always my immediate comments. I follow the echoes of their voices until I find the beginnings of my own.
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7 thoughts on “Reggae Spirit

  1. you’re new site is great, this post is great, you are great. I can only imagine (more over the last three months) how confining your life is as you struggle to do the right thing. I’m assuming that stuff pays off someplace, you know? If only in your heart of hearts.
    For now, you have a new home with unlimited bandwidth here, on kalilily!

  2. Sigh. Yes Elaine, before you say anything, I will go visit the Sis-tahs, but I am totally wiped out by weather. I loathe summer with an all-consuming hatred. I am a Winter person.
    Anyway, I think you are speaking of your Mother? Welcome to the club. My mother died 10 years ago at 84. I am an only child. She had Alzheimers and had her own apartment in my building. I had to work to keep groceries on the table. It was a nightmare, especially the overwhelming guilt when the nursing home was the final option. I know exactly how you are feeling.
    And yes, I will be visiting the Sis-tahs soon. As soon as I can get someone to cool my fevered (sweaty) brow.

  3. Hey Lorraine, turn on your fan and introduce yourself to the Sisters.
    And yes, it’s my mom I’m talking about. She’s not that bad yet, actually. What’s bad is some other bad sibling dynamics that make it harder for me. (Are there ANY families that are actually ‘functional?’)

  4. Interesting thought about reggae and the sea. I’m not sure I believe it, but it could explain another mystery. I was surprised to learn on a trip last year that much contemporary Hawai’ian music has a Caribbean or specifically reggae beat. Very curious, since as far as I know there was no large-scale migration from the British West Indies to Hawai’i (some from Puerto Rico, but that’s a different set of rhythms entirely). When I first heard it I figured it was for tourist consumption but no, it’s most prevalent in local music that the tourists are barely aware of.
    An alternate theory of the connection: it’s the ganja.

  5. Oh c’mon. Isn’t it pretty cool to think that our essential rhythms are all connected because they are all connected to the essential sea? If ganja plays a role, it’s only to amplify what’s already ebbing and flowing, making the connection deeper. But you do have to inhale.

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