“Straight-laced New England Pilgrim Lady Blogger”? Yeah, right!

(I posted this on Blog Sisters, but if it’s good enough for there, it’s good enough for here):
Halley Suitt’s candid and candied comments to probing interviewer Frank Paynter prove that she’s anything but.
Paynter’s latest interview of the blog’s most fascinating women (heh — that’s my arrogant editorial sidebar, so don’t attribute that to Frank) is a portrait of Halley that reveals her complex, creative, productive human mind, her wittingly raunchy female soul, and her attitude toward body that — well, go and enjoy the view yourself. Move over ol’ Madonna and Britney. We’ve got our own Madonna of the Blog.

10 thoughts on ““Straight-laced New England Pilgrim Lady Blogger”? Yeah, right!

  1. fyi – i think you have her url wrong – it is hallayscomment.blogspot.com also, i get a lot of javascript errors on your page – not that i’m complaining – but just pointing out to try to help!

  2. Javascript errors? What sort? The only javascript that I know of on this page comes from the Blogrolling code. Or maybe the hit tracker code, too, I guess.
    Can you give me an example of the errors you’re getting?

  3. on main page “line 141 object expected”
    on this page “line 202 object expected”
    remember these inds of errors are often browser dependent i run ie6.0
    let me know, perhaps i can help…

  4. Actually, guys, I typed the url in wrong because I thought I knew it by heart. heh. It’s now corrected. What the hell are Javascript errors? did I do something bad?

  5. the javascript errors are unrelated to the url error…probably a problem with the template – also, i was mistaken – both errors i get say that a “;” is missing…

  6. It might have been some gaps in some javascript here, extra spaces and whatnot, so the ; was there but couldnt be found by the script. Please let me knwos if there are any mroe errors, because I went in and de-whitespaced the scripts on this page. And since I was never getting the errors, I can’t tell if it’s fixed.

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