I’m Poppin’ on Daypop

Wow. It looks as though my new site, thanks to b!X’s energy and creativity, is at this moment #26 on the Daypop 40. And I think that I also have to thank much-read Gary Turner for much of that, since it looks as though it is his announcment and link to me that is helping me to get all those hits. That’s a first for me, so thanks to two of the really good guys!!
And while I giving thanks, thanks also to all of you who posted comments on complimenting this new design. Apparently it loads fast too, and that’s surely a good thing. I’m also interested to know how the type size works. I had b!X make it larger than usual, since I know that I have a hard time reading small type. Like, I love Mike Golby’s stuff, but boy is it hard on my eyes to read!
And, while b!X hasn’t made the Daypop 40, he’s poppin’ as well, tuning up his own blog design. There must be something in the air.

3 thoughts on “I’m Poppin’ on Daypop

  1. Well, I know Mike is dealing with a lot of personal stuff, so maybe he needs a few suggestions from some techies (which I am not) about at least making his font size bigger. That in itself would help our again eyes a lot.

  2. oops. I meant AGING eyes. I guess that’s what happens when you also have aging fingers and a brain that’s trying to think about too many things at once so that you don’t bother previewing before you post.

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