Footloose in the Last Resort

Almost exactly a decade ago, I was footloose and free to take off for points unkonwn on a whim. A female colleague, whose sister opted out at the last minute from a trip to Key West that they had planned together, asked if I wanted to go in her sister’s place. I checked with my boss about taking vacation time; she said no problem and neither did my charge card balances; so I went.
I figured that Key West, which markets itself as the most southern point of the United States, must therefore also be the “last resort” in the U.S. So, there I was, footloose in the last resort, and I decided to take my tourist photos based on that theme. Lying down in the middle of various streets so that I could get my feet included in the photos caused a few odd looks from passersby — but wotthell, it was KEY WEST, after all.
Neither footloose nor free enough these days to physically take off on a whim for two weeks, blogging has become my “last resort” for easy fun and frolicking. I wonder how many other bloggers, feeling constrained by life’s circumstances, use this as their final frontier as well.
So, as my friend P goes about seeking out some other friend to share her time-share in West Palm Beach during the third week in November, I’m still here, footloose in my very last resort.

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