A Far Cry From Free or Footloose.

My previous post seems awfully frivolous after reading this piece posted by a female blogger in Iraq.
Her Baghdad Burning post begins with this:
Females can no longer leave their homes alone. Each time I go out, E. and either a father, uncle or cousin has to accompany me. It feels like we

3 thoughts on “A Far Cry From Free or Footloose.

  1. The situation there, for men and women, make our problems seem small indeed.
    I’ve got a $10 bet with my brother in law that W will lose the election (he will be happy to lose, but he’s a little cynical). I’ve been making this prediction since at least May or June. I have some faith in the American people, after all, we didn’t elect him in the first place.

  2. You shouldn’t feel frivolous at all, Elaine. I think some of that reaction to Riverbend’s blog (and mine was just as strong and admiring as yours) comes from her writing skills; she’s very adept at articulating her daily observations, which is invaluable to people who yearn to know exactly what’s happening (from a viewpoint with which we can identify) in the land our country is occupying.

  3. While I can appreciate the instability the occupation has caused the Iraqis I also appreciate the resolve of the Islamists.In 1980 when the first 12 million went to Saddam and the marxist baathist arabs nobody in the feminist movement over here even noticed. Saddam’s atrocities were not mentioned in feminist press. One arrogant PHD asked me ” Zaynah how do you justify the way Muslims treat women?” I said to her ” I have known 8 women who were raped, including my own mother. I told her “I dont know any Muslim woman from any Muslim country that can say that ” This happened in the US. I have lived through 2 rape wars in the US. America is not safe , never has been . These women who complain about the Islamists should talk to the women ;like me who see and know Islam and purda for the refuge it is. Upward mobility and education have not saved women in the US from predatory men. Only a functioning legal system will do that. In the court I worked in night operations . I handled every document. I see that in my own town men who beat their wives are fined a mere $35. So I figure that my life is worth only that much to the legal system. If women in Iraq can stop asking Americans for help they will do better. They should ask Allah first.

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