A Homonyminal Prayer to Pan

The sun! The sun! And all we can become!
Theodore Roethke, “What Can I Tell My Bones”
A Homonyminal Prayer to Pan
Let the sun find its home in this world today.
These days of rain wear at the heart.
I leave with you a mother

3 thoughts on “A Homonyminal Prayer to Pan

  1. Thanks for sharing, Elaine!
    If The Great God Pan (http://encyclopediaindex.com/b/ggpan10.htm) answers your prayer, please send him, or some solar deity, our way. We had a few warm days here in the SF Bay Area recently but the fog has crept back and not with the poet’s little cat’s feet but with enormous tank treads.

  2. Very nice, Elaine! I’m sure there are about a thousand layers that I’m not getting, but I’m going to blame it on jet lag and the fact that I’m not a member of your inner circle of family and friends. I’ll have to come back to this one when I’m awaker.

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