Sort of like sailing

Not that I know much about sailing; I’ve only been on a moving sailboat three or four times in my life, and always as a non-crewing guest. But I do know that when the winds are blowing every which way, you spend a lot of time tacking back and forth.
That’s kind of how I feel as I read Frank Paynter’s post about Tom Shugart’s post about blogging about the war, not blogging about the war, and sometimes finding our little blogboats blandly becalmed.
I, too, get so tired of mentally wrestling with the absurdities and complexities of this War on Terra. That Big Picture is so damned depressing. How much more satisfying to blog about more pleasant things — sweet grandsons and plans to see Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovette at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center tomorrow night.
And then I think — this is boring. I’m even bored with myself. Why am I bothering to blog? We all go through these cycles. Big Picture. Little Picture. Boring Picture. Back to Blogging. It’s the flow. We go with it.
I will blog about the war and link to posts that support my convictions about it. I will continue to tell my story. And I will bore myself. I will spend a lot of time tacking back and forth on this vast and windy BlogSea.

4 thoughts on “Sort of like sailing

  1. Captain Beefheart said it best in his song title: “The Dust Blows Forward and the Dust Blows Back.”

  2. Thanks, Elaine, for putting things in the right perspective–as you are always so good at doing.
    I’d give a tidy sum to go that concert with you. Enjoy!! –Tom

  3. I’m not sure which picture is the boring one – little or big? But then to me the little picture is the big picture, or at least the more important picture.

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