No Help in Sight

I am contacting neurologists throughout my region to try to get help for my Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, but I have had no success, despite the fact that DSPD is a neurological disorder.  They will treat insomnia and dementia.  But not the neurological problem that I have.  And it is not that uncommon.  One out of 600 adults suffers from some  form of Circadian Rhythm disorder.

The other day, I came home from CVS and left my car running in the driveway.  I leave doors ajar and faucets running.  My cognitive functions are rapidly deteriorating.  I no longer know when to take my meds, since day and night, for me, are scrambled.

I have never been closer to a mental breakdown.  I almost welcome it if I could get drugged into oblivion.



5 thoughts on “No Help in Sight

  1. Elaine,
    Such an alarming devastating state. Is it helpful to be with your daughter? Your grandson. Can daughter assure your meds are in order and that you get them.
    And definitely an older cat. Follow the cat’s sleep pattern…all the time…except to eat!
    Thinking of you.

  2. To be exact re Brigham & Women’s…..”Division of Sleep & Circadian Disorders.” So not that far from where you live! Go for it!

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